Journal - Behind the Collection ~ Isole Nostalgia

Behind the Collection ~ Isole Nostalgia

Behind the Collection ~ Isole Nostalgia

Can you share what inspired the concept for the collection? 

Isole Nostalgia is one of my most fond collection concepts, the inspiration came to me while on a special trip under the Sicilian sun. My initial inspiration was wanting to reflect the warmth and nostalgic memories that came from one of the most magical trips I’ve ever had. For me this collection is anchored to a memory, but I wanted to create something that anyone could look at and draw upon their own nostalgic memories of a summer season they hoped might never end.

Drawing from your own experience through design, you mention this collection being anchored to a memory, what memories did you draw upon that inspired this collection?

Last year, I was lucky enough to sail through the Aeolian Islands with my family - my husband Jules and my two children, Lila and Ollie. When we arrived at the little rustic island - Filiculdi, I had this overwhelming sense of connection. I fell in love with the Sicilian way and the feeling on this sleepy little island. We spent a full day and night on the island, swimming, boat hopping, rock collecting and soaking up the feeling of the place. Something about this experience tied to the essence of nostalgia in a way I hadn’t recalled in a while, I wanted to create something that would transport me back to this moment in time and Isole Nostalgia was designed with this at its core. I had another collection in mind that I had been thinking about for a while but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to pause that and create something that reflected this experience.

Can you share where the name Isole Nostalgia came from?

The Sicilian word for island, ‘isole’ just captured me when I first stumbled across it. It feels beautiful in many ways, when I was thinking about this idea I decided to blend the essence of nostalgia with the word ‘isole’ to connect to the memory of our trip around the islands.

Designing is such a different process for each individual. Can you share a little about how your designs come to life? 

Designing has always been a personal expression for me, storytelling about something I’ve experienced or have been surrounded by that has influenced me. I’ve always been very holistic in my approach, and will start with the overarching concept that I can draw from anywhere - a holiday, a texture, a sound, a feeling - each collection comes together so differently and I find inspiration can be drawn from so many places. I often find movement is key to get into my design headspace - I call it the ‘flowstate’. Music is a huge part of it, walking in nature, travelling, being in the ocean. Having the space to allow my mind to switch off, shut out the structure and let the creativity flow. Ideas come sometimes in the most unexpected places but the common theme is being in my ‘flowstate’. 


For me, designing is about exploring an essence, very rarely does it ever start from a specific piece but more, how I can express a moment, a state of mind, a memory - I find it a very meditative process.

Once I have my concept then the design identity evolves from there, sometimes it will lead with textural exploration, shapes or a colour palette. I always start with a piece of paper and pencil. I love the simplicity in these moments. Nothing other than a blank page and the space to create. 

How do you formulate colour palettes, textures and stones you’ll use in each collection?

I always start with the concept and work on a moodboard. Through this process I build out the colours and details within the collection depending on the feel I’d like the collection to have. This collection draws on the memories of a summer season, and reflecting upon the natural tones throughout the islands led us to blues, sea green and buttery tones. You’ll find these hues through the campaign, the art direction and within the pieces themselves.

What is your favourite story from the collection?

I have always found inspiration in nature, especially as a child, and that is something that has transcended into my day to day. My love of rock collecting started when I was very young, the stones I loved the most were the raw and simple ones, I used to imagine a whole world inside each stone and always loved how each stone I found in different places carried the feeling of that place. I am constantly collecting them and find it such a beautiful way to connect to places you’ve been. 

The Vacanza Story became the embodiment of this. The Vacanza Earrings - my favourite - have a beautiful contrast of softened edges like the stones you find on the beach, each organic stone shape stacked together - with the addition of a freshwater pearl, another organic element with a nod to the sea.