Care Instructions


Take care of your jewellery with a soft cloth and avoid contact with strong chemicals, cleaning products, water, creams, and perfumes. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding care or more specific material details.



We recommend storing your Kirstin Ash pieces in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Humidity and heat may cause tarnishing over time. The best place to store your jewellery is in a jewellery box. Anti-tarnish tabs are included inside all KA pouches to help protect your jewellery on its journey to its new home. While our environmentally friendly KA boxes are made from recycled card and paper, they can sometimes hold onto the humidity in the air which can lead to tarnishing. Once you receive your purchase, we strongly recommend relocating your new pieces to a ventilated jewellery box.



Kirstin Ash jewellery is made from precious metals.

Sterling silver designs are made from .925 silver, and are coated with a protective layer to keep the silver looking bright and new.

18k Gold Vermeil designs, incorporate a mid-18th century French jewellery technique called vermeil, where a thick layer of 18 karat yellow is plated onto sterling silver.

Smaller 18k Gold Plated designs, such as earrings, have a sterling silver base metal, and are then plated with 18k gold.

Our larger statement designs have a brass base metal, and are then plated with 18k gold followed by a protective anti-tarnish layer.

Our fine jewellery collection is made from 9k or 14k gold as specified in the product descriptions.



We offer a 6 month warranty on all jewellery items with proof of purchase. Our warranty covers faulty items. It does not cover wear & tear. Please refer to our care instructions above for general care instructions.

In case of any faulty goods please contact us with a photo and your online order number. Items will be replaced at our discretion. At this stage, we do not offer a repair service.

Please contact us directly in regards to warranty claims for online orders. or +61 2 7908 4208

If you have purchased from one of our stockists, please return the faulty piece to the stockist, along with your proof of purchase, and they will contact our studio to assess.